I have always had a passion for painting, drawing and design and in 1972 I enrolled at Newcastle Polytechnic to start a three year HND in Business Studies with a Diploma in Industrial Design. My intention at that time was to find a career in design, however life often doesn't go according to plan and I found myself working in a Corporate environment in Information Technology. I spent the next twenty eight years there until I felt enough was enough, I had served a life sentence!

In 2002 I decided to try my hand at being a full time Landscape Photographer. Although I had no formal training in photography I had spent a great deal of time taking pictures as an amateur. It all started when I used to take reference photographs to use whilst indulging my other passions, walking and climbing, including a number of years spent in completing the Munros (all the mountains in Scotland over 3,000 feet, a total of 284). I would always take a camera with me to record my trips, with varying degrees of success.

I was determined to improve my photographs and would study them intently to determine why some looked good and others not so good.

Over time I started to build up a depth of knowledge and techniques in order to gain more consistent results.

2002 was a long hard year, I built up a portfolio of images and started trying to find outlets for my work, which is not easy as there is a lot of competition out there. However, slowly but surely I managed to get my work out there and over the last few years the demand has grown consistently.

I now exhibit in a number of Galleries in the North of England and Scotland. Over the years I have developed an individual style and I like to concentrate on panoramic landscapes as I think this format is ideally suited to capturing the sense of space.

In order to retain creative control over the final product I like to do everything in-house from taking the photographs to printing and framing the finished images. All of the materials I use are of the highest quality, ensuring that your finished picture will last a lifetime without fading.

Jim Kearney